During this Covid-19 pandemic probably, the best time to detox your body since you will be at home with little engagements. What an arena to allow you monitor your diet well.

What is detoxification!!

A detox is a regulation followed for a given period of time to cleanse and rid the body of unhealthy substances. By eliminating consumption of certain items from your diet such as wheat products, meats, sugars, caffeine, starchy carbohydrates and consuming more of healthy foods like fruits and vegetable smoothies.

Do I really need to detox!!

Some will say, ‘We eat to live’ while others will ascribe to, ‘We live to eat’. The fact is we eat food to satiate and nourish our body cells. However, since the invasion of man made products and processed foods, majority of us consume more processed foods than natural foods. Although these foods are cheap and readily available, they leave our cells malnourished. A detox will help cleanse your system, leaving your blood system and body organs rejuvenated. This will evident by a healthy skin, hair and being free of disease.


That detox should not be done for the sole purpose of losing weight, but for getting rid of the body poisonous substances from the cells.

Detox cannot be sustainable more than the allocated time.

You need a detox if:

  • You got gall bladder issues
  • Frequent constipation
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Acne or itchy skin
  • Increased belly or visceral fat
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Bad breath
  • Unable to focus or mental fog
  • Unexplained headaches, body aches or soreness
  • If you experience three of these you need to detox.

Benefits of body detoxification

  • Remove excess waste

Detoxing will help you purge out toxins bugging down your body cells. This is why we use   good quality fiber in form of fruits and vegetables for detoxification.

  • Raise up energy level

I will advise you to eliminate processed foods from your diet during the detox period. Completely remove alcohol, bad fats and caffeine from your diet that’s processed meals per se. replace them with wholesome fruits and vegetables which will allow your body to cleanse as well as acquire energy enhancing nutrients.

  • Boost the immune system

Once your cells the worn out and damaged cells have been eliminated new healthy cells will muscle up your immunity system.

  • Eliminate free radicals

Free radicals cause cellular damage and illness. Antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables, neutralize free radicals which then optimizes the performance of the different body organs.

  • Helps with nutrient absorption
  • Clear skin, healthy hair and nails.
  • Improves body odor and breath
  • Weight loss

To lose weight is not the purpose of detoxing however due to reduced calories in the body, weight loss is inevitable. Most of this lost weight is from loss of water and some fat alongside worn out cells. Pay great attention to post detox guidelines in order not to bounce back and to regain all the pre-detox weight.


The plan involves consumption of fruit and veggie smoothies and not juices because.

In this session you have to begin with a 10 days body detox.

  • Smoothies provide whole food nutrition and hence more fiber as compared to juices.
  • Smoothies digest slowly and thus longer because of their fiber content
  • Smoothies, require no specialized equipment, any blender would do.
  • Smoothies oxidize slower and do not require immediate consumption.
  • Smoothies slow down sugar absorption



  • Caffeine (coffee, tea), soda and juices eliminated on DAY 1.
  • Meat-chicken, fish, poultry, beef and goat eliminated DAY 3-Until reintroduction on day 8.
  • Sugar or any artificial sweeteners except for stevia.
  • Starchy carbohydrates eliminated starting day 1(potatoes, rice, oats, corn(ugali included), butternut squash)
  • All processed foods will be eliminated starting day 3[wheat products, pasta, cake, cookies, bread)
  • Dairy products will be eliminated fully starting DAY 3(milk, yoghurt , cheese)


Consume a total of 50 oz/1.3 litres of smoothie a day. This can be split into 3 servings of 16.6 oz/500ml for breakfast lunch and dinner or sipped on throughout the day.


Consume fruits 60% and vegetable smoothies 40%. You can snack on to following, handful of nut, carrots, lettuce, egg white, salads made from vegetable combinations listed in the shopping list.

4. Smoothie additions

Mint leaves, flaxseeds, chia seeds, ginger and freshly squeezed lemon juice.

5. Sweeteners

 To sweeten your smooth add stevia or organic honey.

To the work

The following guidelines will help you out 

1. Pick a starting date that makes sense for you.

Any day can be a starting day during this lockdown, however most people tend to choose a Monday, despite that Mondays tend to be busiest days. I suggest you begin on a Sunday or a Saturday, so that when you go for work on Monday you on day 2 or day 3.

2. Prepare

Go shopping for the items needed before you begin your detox. You should make your body psychologically prepared as well.

3. Drink more water
5 drink lemon water every morning

Start every morning by drinking a cup of hot lemon water or plain water a day.

This you can do even after detox period. Helps cleanse your gut.

5. Curb the hunger

When hungry take some water or a snack on raw vegetables like cucumber, lettuce, spinach and cabbage.

Detox needs available tools, that is:

A blender and a measuring bottle.

Withdrawal symptoms

The body will take about 3 days to adjust to the new normal, because the body will cut some items that you are used to eating or even addicted to and you will experience the following;

  • Headache-usually experienced by caffeine users. You can take a mild pain killer in this case if the headache persists.
  • Fatigue-you need enough rest during the detox period. Don’t engage in heavy works.
  • Cravings-for not receiving the foods you normally take the body will remind you to give it food, exercise self-control reminding yourself the importance of detoxing.
  • Feeling cold or shivering-keep yourself warm because your liver will not produce as much heat as it should due to less food intake.
  • Hunger pangs-a detox would make your body feel like its sick, but do not panic its part of the remedy process. A positive attitude will take you miles.

Do not take the above seriously so as to abort your mission, it’s not any kind of illness, they are just indicators of the body undergoing changes.


I suggest you the following or whatever will be available at your locality.

Vegetables: kale, spinach, cucumber, lettuce, lemon, cabbage, carrots, beetroots etc.

Fruits: mangoes, oranges, watermelon, bananas, apples, grapes.

Snacks: egg whites, nuts, balsamic vinegar-for salad dressing

Other commodities you can shop are; ginger, wheat grass, flax seeds, chia seeds (these can be added to smoothies)

Snack recipes

1. Tomato and cucumber salad-mix cucumber and tomatoes with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar.

2. Mixed greens or lettuce with tomatoes, a few grapes or apple slices.

3. Grated carrots, cabbage, grated beetroots and a few pineapple pieces.


All recipes will require either the use of kale or spinach, fruits and water.

  • 1 serving(500ml/16oz) requires

A handful of kale

½ cup of all fruits, ½ bananas, ½ apples

Not less than 300ml/10oz water

  • 2 servings(1 liter /32oz) require

2 handful of kale or cabbage

1 cup fruits, 1 banana, 1 apple

  • 3 servings(1.5 liters/50oz) 1 ½ banana, 1 ½ apple

3 handfuls of kale and spinach

1 ½ cup of fruits, 1 ½ banana and 1 ½ apple

Not less than 700ml/24oz of water

Feel free to mix kale and spinach. What real matters is the quantity.


After detox now that you are going back to your diet, realize that your stomach shrunk hence your food portions must be reduced. Hence, do not go back to overeating or consuming unhealthy foods. If you do you might fall sick or you might gain a lot of more weight back.

This is your opportunity to eat clean. Do not eat until you are full; always walking from the table feeling as though you could eat more. Cheers, keep safe.