Healthy food to eat and lose weight

Losing weight in a healthy way

You can shed pounds off and yet eat full satisfying and healthy meals without being preoccupied with calorie counting.

There are many good reasons for shedding excess weight. Being overweight increases the risk of developing serious disorders like diabetes, high blood pleasure, kidney diseases and many others.

Weight lose should never become a preoccupation, an obsessional attitude to dieting and calorie counting and rapid weight lose is at best counter-productive and at worst positively harmful. Crash diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies, chronic fatigue, increased risk of infections and psychological problems.

If excess weight is a problem your aim should be to reduce your weight in small increments of one to two lb or 0.5 to 1kg each week and then to develop healthy eating habits.

Weight lose programPM_Drinks_Aloe_Berry_Nectar

Your weight reduction program should run over months rather than weeks and days and should be made up of small and achievable goals that you set along the way.

The body is a complex and constantly varying system. Your weight is affected by factors like physical health, change in hormone imbalance and even altered activity levels. This includes even changes in the timings of when you take your meals

Losing weight simply means reducing the amount of calorie intake in your body not necessarily reducing the amount of food your eat. In some cases it may be necessary to increase vegetables and fruits and reducing carbohydrates’, fats and protein.

A calorie is a measure of energy, the amount of energy needed to boil or worm one gram of water by one degree Celsius.

Your body burns up some calories to keep up your metabolic process. This is known as Basal metabolic Rate (BMR) the BMR varies from person to person depending on your age, weight and activity level.

Healthy food you can eat and lose weight

To lose a few pounds swap some high fat foods you eat on a regular basis with tasty low-fat alternatives

2 croissants =22g fat 400 calories                      Replace with             2 whole wheat bread rol = l2g fat – 140 calories

1oz(25g) potato chips  =12g fat – 170 calories    Replace with            1 oz 25g UN buttered pop corns = 1g fat 100calories

2oz (50g) fruit tart = 9g fat – 170 calories             Replace with              2 cups fresh strawberries = 1g fat – 92 calories

Keep food diary of all the food you eat in a week and try to identify problem foods like high fat, high sugar snacks and also problem times like late nights times.

Replace with healthier food. Choose high carbohydrates’ food that also have high fiber like whole grain toast. Take small food in the mouth and chew your food thoroughly. Drink plenty of water with meals to fill you up quickly with less food.

Serve meals on small plates and avoid overfilling your plate. Eat plenty of rice, corn, potatoes, cereals, peas, beans lentils fruits and vegetables.

Cut down on fried foods and food that are high in fat.

You can also include the following food in your diet

1. Salmon fish, whole egg, leafy vegetables, lean beef, Tuna, beans and legumes, avocados, turnips, cottage cheese, chili pepper, cayne pepper, grape fruit and Chia seeds.

Replace some carbohydrates’ and fat with protein. Increasing your protein intake to 25% can cut your calorie intake

Calorie Restriction

When it comes to calorie restriction the mechanism that slows aging comes from a protein called Sirtuin.

Sirtuin changes the chemistry in your body to help neutralize aging in animal models. It allows primates to have an even longer life expectancy than full house reruns. It is not everyone’s Sirtuin protein – manufacturing genes is activated. Calorie restriction helps activate Sirtuin. Eating fewer calories acts as the light switch that turns on Sirtuin.


Product No. of servings

Beans                3

Green                   2

Berries                  1

other fruits             3

other vegetables    2

Nuts                       1

spices                   1

Whole grain          3

flaxseeds              1

Beverages            5 (no soft drinks) this does not include the amount of water your should take per day. One serving of                                           beverage is 250ml

Exercise             1 (90min) You can divide by 2

Pump up your immune system

If you want to test your immune system ask your self, do you get sick when you travel more often than other people you know. Traveling is a good gauge of immunity since you are exposed to so many things along the way. If you seem to get sick than other members of the family or friends it may be an indication that you have a weakened immune system.

Our bodies are like computers, when they are affected by viruses they slow down or even shut down. Unfortunately we can not firewall ourselves with complete virus protection. We interact with all kind of germs, fungi’s bacteria viruses parasites and other invaders that want to feed off our insides. The main point of entry is our skin, the lungs and guts which is why those organs have developed mechanisms to protect us from personal invaders.

When invaders get into us we are more vulnerable to colds, infections and other more serious diseases.

The issue of immunity comes down how we manage all the foreign invaders coming at us.

It is not in the invaders best interest to kill us since this will leave it homeless, vulnerable and not able to reproduce. But it is an invaders interest to take over our good cells for themselves. We must protect our good cells from the thieves, the hungry enemy, protecting our health by strengthening our immunity as we lose weight will only be by health eating. This comes with making peace with the friendly bacteria that are willing to live in harmony with us. It is good to take supplements like probiotics and vitamins

Eat healthy as you lose weight

Eat legumes, Legume consumption is associated with a slimmer waist and a lower blood pressure. It is also used to bits out calorie cutting for slimming tummy fat, it improves the regulation of blood sugar, insulin levels and cholesterol.

Use corn starch to thicken sources instead of fat and flour.

Heat the meat and drain off the fat before adding to casseroles and stew. Alternatively use legumes, beans and vegetable protein.

Instead of bacon and egg breakfast replace it with fruit and wheat toast

Top baked potatoes with low fat fillings instead of butter and sour cream.

Add flavor to your meals with chillis, pepper, mustard and other spices instead of salt. Spicy foods will raise your temperature and this will increase your metabolism by as much as 25 percent for several hours after eating them.

Change your diet gradually

Always read and research on the benefits of every new ingredient that you want to introduce in your diet. As you remove some food from your diet yor should also add new food as well.

Keep yourself busy with something you like doing

Increase your social life. Involve your family members and friends in your program. Listen to their comments and advice.

Develop a positive self image. Do not wait until you shed off some weight before you take pride in your appearance


As you lose weight always consider health eating Focus on maintaining good health. Lose weight with a purpose and have a purpose driven program. It is not every person that looks good after losing weight and also it is not every person that remain healthy after losing weight. Some people have ended up very sick after weight lose program. One should evaluate his or her body to be aware of the level of all the nutrients in his or her body before starting a weight lose program