Obesity is a state of being more than twenty percent above “normal ” weight or having a body fat percentage greater than thirty percent for women and twenty percent for men. Obesity is thus distiguished from overweight as it is more of the body fat percentage.

One can be overweight but still have a very low percentage of body fat.

The use of scales that use Bioelectrical impedence is one of the best ways to measure the body fat percentage. Obesity is devided into several categories based on the size and number of fat cells and how the fat is distributed in the body.

Majority of aldults in the US population is overweight or obese. Arcording to the world health Organisation Consultation of Obesity the rate of obesity has risen from 25percent of adult to 35 percent. The projection for the next decade is so serious that action is urgently required. Obesity is the most negleted public health problem.


Hyperplastic obesity Is where there is increased number of fats cells through out  the body. The number of fat cells a person has depends on the diet of the mother while a person is still in the womb and also on the early infant nutrition. Excess calories during this early stages  of development can lead to the formation of an increased number of fat cells for the restt of the baby’s life.Hhyperplastic obesity begins in childhood these type of obesity is associated with very few health effect .


Hypertrophic  obesity is characterized by an increase in the size of each individual fat cell and is  linked to diabetes, heart disease , high blood pressure and other disturbances of metabolism. In this type of obesity the fat is distributed around the waist.

Body fats is not bad at all. Without enough fat, brain development in children decreases and sex hormones don’t work well. Girls who are too lean often have delayed puberty. Too little body fat for too long can lead to permanent infertility in young women.



Another aspect that can lead to Obesity is Emotional Eating or Comfort eating.

This is eating not because you are hungry but because of wanting comfort from a feeling that you are experiencing. It can either be a good feeling or a bad feeling.

The common reasons for emotional eating is a feel good fix. Food does not only taste good but it gives an extreme amount of pleasure . Eating has also being linked to changes in SEROTONIN level. This is also boosted by taking antidepressants, thus in some ways you would say eating is like taking a food antidepressant for same.

We also tend to eat when we are stressed, this is due to the stimulation of the HPA Axis Hypothalamus, Pituitary gland, and adrenal glands. Eating will prolong the positive feeling and sometimes elevates them. When you are happy eating might even make you more happy for a longer duration.


This is in your genes and somehow nothing can be done about it. It is found in your DNA and it is carried on in family trees. This is where you find that all men from a certain family have big body or all women.


Accessibility of food will also make you want to eat more. This will also go with affordability. Comfort food are everywhere and are easy to get as long as you can afford it.  To avoid overreacting try not to stock snacks in your refrigerator or pantry. This way if you feel like eating and the only thing available must be prepared and then cooked, you might be forced to think twice and if you really need to eat then the duration between that last time you ate and the next time will be a bit longer.


Your health status can also lead you to overeat.If you have a condition that leads you to want to keep eating, the best thing is to observe what you eat. It is important you consult with your dietician to have a guideline of what and when you should eat.


Even a minor reduction in your percentage body weight can dramatically improve your health if you are overweight

Your body mass index (BMI)is a way to judge your body weight in relation to your hight.

BMI = (w *705)/ H / H


W = your weight in pounds

H = Your height in Inches

19 or lss  = underweight – may suggest malnutrition or serious disease

25-20= healthy weight

25-27 = overweight

27-30 = overweight with mordarate health risk

Over 30 = Obese with severe health risk for weight related problems.

Abdomenal fat is amore serious threat to your health than fat stored elsewhere in your body. Almost all your vital organs are housed between your shoulders and weist and rxtra fat here changes hormone level, alters insuline production and makes your organs work extrahard. Fats pads on your hips, thighs or rear end dont have thesame health effects.


Mindfulness is keeping your mind focussed and moving with a thought rather than trailing behind it. A clear mind will make more thoughtful and discerning food decisions

When you have a craving for yummy yummy food try walking mindfully. Walking will help you beat your craving and it’s a great opportunity to practice being in sync with your body and to to sidestep emotional eating.

Mindful eating will always lead to being calm around food. Having a sense of mindful eating will help you be composed and incharge of your eating habits and thus when you are faced with depression or stress you will be able to handle food in a more confidential manner.

Mindful eating means means you have a plan for your eating and you eat HEALTHY food.

Sit down and put your food on the table, bring your food to the mouth. Do not learn forward to meet  food.Chew your food slowly. Learn to keep your spoon down in between bites.

Observe the color , smell the aroma of the food and feel the taste of the food as you aet