Understanding health


Most people understands health as a state of free from illness. According to the world Health Organization (WHO) Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not  just an absence of diseases. Health is when your body is not experiencing anything abnormal, either it is pain or anxiety when you feel good in your body. Health is a Holistic thing where one can not do without the other. There has to be an integration between Body mind and soul.


Physical health is when our bodies are well looking, the state where everyone looks at us and say mm she is doing so great. When no part of our body is ailing. However this is not a guarantee of being healthy. This is because we undrestand physical health as what we can see and at times what we see is a result of what we can not see. If I have marital problems and I do not let you know about it, you won’t know that I am ailing from the inside until that time when I start having migraine, stress and finally acute depression this is when my body start changing either I grow small or big. Apparently an increase in size is taken to be good health while a decrease in size is taken to be bad health but both can be as a result of bad health. Thus physical health is taking proper care of our bodies for a proper body functioning. It encourages the balance between physical activities, nutrition and mental wellness.


Mental health is not just an mental disorder, mental health involves our emotional, psychological and social being. Our mental health will affect how we act and make decisions. We all have a certain degree of mental health. This is because our day today activities can trigger the state of our mental heal

th. At one time in our life something happens that triggers our ability to have proper reasoning and decision-making. This may cause us to have either mild mental health problem or permanent mental health problem. Living in denial also affects our mental health. Mental health is very important in all stages of our life. From childhood to adolescence to adulthood. According to World Health Organization (WHO) Mental health is a state of well-being where every individual realizes his or her own potential. Where one can cope with the normal stress of life, work productively and fruitfully and be able to contribute to her own community.


Social health is the ability to cope with other people. The ability to form satisfying interpersonal relationships with others. To be able to adapt comfort to different situations and act appropriately in different settings. The way you connect with people around you and experience a sense of belonging contribute to your social health.


Factors that influence health can include:- Environment, Heredity, Education, Life style, Income………….

Environment- Some diseases are caused by changes in our environment. It may be the external or internal environment. Internal environment involves our body organs and the body system while external environment is the physical things that one is exposed to.

Heredity- This are the genes that we inherit from our parents. This genes determines our health from conception and they can never be altered. Some diseases are determined by our genes and therefore they are not treatable but they can only be managed.

Education- Education will help you understand health living and therefore place you in a better position as far as health is concerned.

Income- People with good income tend to experience good health than those of low income.this is because a balance diet meal can be expensive to have on a daily basis and thus those with low or no income may suffer from malnutrition. However, the rich people are prone to the lifestyle diseases like diabetics , obesity and heart disease.

Life style- This are the habit that controls our living. This includes how we make choices about what to use with our body. For example the type of food we should eat, smoking and alcoholism.


Health and wellness is not just about your body but it is about all that happens in your body, within you, around you and in everyday life.