Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of, and making choices towards a more successful existence.

Wellness is a journey and not a destination. It is a lifestyle whose changes must be approached in baby steps, a habit at a time. Do not do too much at a time as this will only lead to frustration and failure. Do not set unrealistic goals.

Wellness is more than absence of illness. Wellness is having the energy to do the things you dream of. It is the belief that your body wants to heal itself and that you can improve your health overtime rather than stand and watch it deteriorate. This will help us to age gracefully.

Having a healthy body prevents chronic, degenerative illnesses that are primarily products of our lifestyle. Wellness demands that we take responsibility for our own health and make changes in the way we live to help our body function more optimally.


Health approaches seek to identify the causes of diseases and employ therapies designed to eliminate host susceptibility and hospitability to ill health. Health approaches give priority to therapies of minimum risk and high therapeutic gain that are tailored to individuals attitudes and circumstances.

In a wellness scenario the time to tackle the problem is when you have the first sign. The first principal of wellness is paying attention to what your body is trying to tell you, listening to your body can help you make healthful changes in your lifestyle that will affect your entire being.

Some healthy wellness therapy approaches includes:- Aromatherapy Detoxification Balanced healing meditation Balanced healing Diet


Aromatherapy is used to treat conditions such as infections, skin disorders, immune deficiencies, stress and many others. Essential oils are extracted from plants and herbs and it is their aroma that stimulates the brain through the sense of smell. Different aroma oils are used for different problems. Aromatherapy can be applied though diff users, through the skin, from floral waters(hot baths) and from candles. There are some aromatherapy oils that can be found from the food stores but some aromatherapy essences are very complex and very strong and they are only used for more serious conditions and therefore these essentials must be prescribed by a trained practitioner. Find more details about aromatherapy in www.naha.org


OILS                               APPLICATION

Eucalyptus                       Antiviral, expectorant

Everest                            Sports injuries, Bruising

Geranium                       Antifungal, Antiviral

Lavender                       Burns, insect bites Mandarin Anxiety

Peppermint                    Neusa, motion, sickness


We are all affected by environmental pollutants like radiation exposure, pollution in the air we breathe, exhaust from vehicles, chemicals in the food that we eat, chemicals in our water and the list goes on. Our bodies try to deal with all these pollutants but somehow they become overwhelming.

When toxins build up in our bodies and manifest themselves they affect our immunity and it start to decrease its functions leading to toxicity of the nervous system, hormonal disruption, psychological disturbances, cancer and many more serious diseases.

Detoxification therapy is the process that is used to get rid of the chemicals in the body and facilitate a return to healthy body.

There are several types of detoxification but the most recommended to start with is a colon detoxification. This is because colon is the body’s dumping ground of the solid waste we produce and therefore all kind of waste from our body passes through our colon before being eliminated.

Colon can keep up to ten to twenty pounds of old toxic and fecal matter some of which is reabsorbed back into the body and so cleansing and detoxing the colon is important. Another recommended detoxification is the blood and liver. The reason as to why you should do a colon cleanse before any other is because the toxicity from other parts of the body will pass through the colon and if the colon itself is full of toxins the whole process will not be a success

Exercise is another way of detoxification though slow. When you do a major detoxification and then you embark yourself on a daily exercise habit you body will stay out of toxic because the toxics will the eliminated through sweeting.


Spiritual wellness is a process of exploring and bringing attention to your body’s sense of spirituality. It can be different with different religion but ultimately it is an act of bringing and maintaining one’s attention to his or her connection to a higher power. Spiritual wellness is a personal activity that involves your values and believes in providing purpose and principle in our lives then using those principles to guide your action.

It is being connected to a supernatural power that is greater than yourself

I’ll talk about only three types of spiritual wellness practices.





There are several types of meditations that one can do but whichever one you chose do it as often as you can and the beneficial result will be evident. Just like exercise meditation is good and recommended for everyone whether you are sick or healthy. Start with at least five minutes per day and eventually you will get the benefits.

The more you meditate the better. You can do the five minutes practically anytime and anywhere. Meditation does not have to be religion but either it is religion or not it is a form of spiritual healing I will talk more about meditation and how to do it in my next topic


Prayer is an act of supplication or intercession directed towards a person, object , animal ,spirit or ancestors. It is seeking an rapport with an object of worship through deliberate communication. There are different religions with different types of beliefs and therefore it will be difficult to indicate how we should pray and to whom or what we should pray to.but whatever it is it is a form of a god or God and basically as a human being we must have a certain connection to a supernatural power greater than yourself.

Prayer consists of three parts. Repentance Supplications Thanksgiving

Repentance is when we confess of what we have done or failed to do that is regarded as sin or not appropriate in you belief and thus it has made you unclean and therefore you ask for cleansing or forgiveness.

Supplication is when we request of what we need , what we require the supernatural power to grant to us.

Thanks giving is believing that our supplication have been heard and we give thanks to whoever or what our spiritual you directed you supplication to.

Prayer is a way of spiritual healing and when we pray and repent a lot of things happens in our spiritual realm.


Fasting is when we abstain from the things that we love like food, drinks, entertainment or sex for a defined period with a purpose to having a more close relationship with you God or god.

Fasting may not be religious but a way of cleansing your body from toxins. This can be done by setting aside some days without eating soluble food. You may take some water or juice to prevent dehydration.

 Balanced Healthy Healing diet

Bad eating habits is one of the primary causes of diseases. Five out of ten causes of death come from lifestyle diseases like cancer, stroke, diabetes,chronic alcoholic, liver disease and the list goes on . All this are directly linked to what we eat and drink.

When, you think of diet what comes to mind is losing weight. Diet is not all about losing weight but all about healthy eating habits. If i want to add up some pounds i will be on a diet habit that will enable me attain my preferred weight and the same case happens when i want to shed off some pounds.

Eat variety and balanced proportions of food from all the food groups to give you body the nutrients it needs to maintain you good health and to heal when you have health issues. You can use the healthy eating pyramid to learn about different health groups and how much you should be eating from each group. The bottom line here is BALANCE.

Eat at least three meals per day. Small or more frequent meals are key to keeping you body satisfied and you appetite at bay. If you eat only one large meal per day, you body will respond by absorbing more calories than if you ate the same portion but divided by three.

Your body needs refueling consistently not off and on to orbsorb the necessary nutrients and be able to use them most efficiently.

Balance your intake of fats, protein and carbohydrates. within each group of foods eat the food that are healthier and that will deliver the highest proportion of nutrients. Eat more plants protein than animal proteins. Eat more carbohydrates from whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.Eat unsaturated fats rather than saturated fats. Eat more plants based diet . You may eat five servings of fruits and vegetables per day.

This does not mean that you should not eat meat because meat has some nutrients that are necessary for you health that vegetables don’t supply


If you add the simple total wellness steps in your daily life, you will not only help to prevent many major health problems but you will also help start healing any condition that you may already have.

This are practices that do not interfere with any other treatment. They can be done by anyone and are completely inexpensive.This are some of the most powerful healing  tools that mankind has discovered. Consider them to be the foundation of a balanced healthy lifestyle.

You may have to change your lifestyle to incorporate these practises into your everyday routine. Make minor changes , then increase as you progress .

Once you make them part of your daily routine they will become a habit and eventually part of you. Do not overdo anything just BALANCE